Blender lags when imputing info into the user interface

This is a bit of a weird issue. About 2 weeks ago blender randomly started running at 1fps. After running though the gauntlet of common fixes (reinstalling blender, upgrading blender, trying to get it to run on both the igpu and the dgpu, ect.), I eventually figured out the problem was that nvidea had released a new driver update (which as is typical, caused something random to break). After installing the new driver blender for the most part runs fine, however whenever I click on a interface input (slider, text box, color wheel) there is about a 2 second delay. While I can tolerate the former 2, the only way to change the color of a material is to go into a separate program, get the rgb values, and copy and paste them into blender which is annoying to say the least. Any possible fixes would be appreciated.

Edit, Blender randomly fixed itself.