Blender landed me a full-time Job Again!

And it’s not the first time either (remember a thread 2 years ago?) :smiley: I won’t go into details about WHAT company as it’s too early and I’m too new in the position atm. but I did want to tell you all this because a lot of questions about “Blender jobs” pops up here at Ely…uhm…Blenderartists…and people wonder if you can get a job doing what you like best - modeling with Blender, and the answer is for the second time - yes you can (at least I could…he he :smiley: ) I have to travel quite a bit every day, but it’s a nice job with nice company, and they where absolutely baffled to see what one could do with Blender.

Congratulations, JoOngle!

Thanks Thoro. :slight_smile:

wow really cool! well done!


Hey JoOngle!

Congrats on the new job! I used Blender for quite a while (on and off). It has helped me in a job (in a game company), understanding low-poly modeling before I was put on 3DSMax (in that game company).


Thanks guys :slight_smile:

@syndic3d - fun facts…for me it was the other way around…ditched 3dstudio-
max for 3-4 years ago - used Blender more than my paid for Max license
and Blender is the only app that I did work on that actually have landed
me jobs. I guess passion goes a long way :wink:

THats awsome I hope one day that can help me get a job blending.


Nice to hear blender isn’t such a dead end concerning commercial computer graphics (here I mean the state of the industry, not blender’s capabilities ;))

If it’s not too much to ask, what exactly do you do/will be doing for the company? Animation, game models etc.?

kind of weird I just saw this post joongle, I just got laid off yesterday afternoon and I’m going to immediately start my new reel in blender… and I have a feeling it’s going to be f*ckload better than my old only-aftereffects reel. I think it’s really going to give me a huge advantage against all the 2.5d artists I’m competing with. any tips about reel structure, etc would be GREATLY appreciated. from anybody, really…

EDIT: ironically I got the axe from a film lab that had a small digital department - they are losing money because they can’t compete anymore because, you guessed it, they didn’t upgrade their digital department fast enough. now their film-processing lab and color correction business is seriously tapering, and a lot of people have left or been fired recently. if you can do this stuff on your own, you do nowadays, and they were charging people ridiculous amounts of money for easy stuff

@Company2, @Lamoot - thanks :slight_smile:

@TheNodeRanger - Sorry to hear that you got laid off, thats never a fun thing
but the most important is to keep chin-up and keep seeking new stuff to do,
I have a feeling that the 3D-industry is GROWING big-time.

You know what I did inbetween when I was laid-off from the previous job?
I kept on practicing Blender and 3D in general…doing the odd-jobs here
and there…and participated in 3d-competitions and speed-modeling
contests everywhere, why? Because you can only get BETTER!

So good luck to you man, keep showing stuff to potential employers
and ONE DAY…!!!

Yes The 3d Industry Is Getting Enormous , Just Over This Summer Like 6 Cg Movies Came Out (estamate May Be A Hyperbole Too)

in a sick way I’m really happy about it. I get to do nothing but blender and aftereffects all day for a week at least…

not only can you get a job in a 3D movie film company,

packaging, advertisement, architecture, product rendering,
product animation, and small animations for tv commercials
are just other areas you can work in.

in case all might work after next semester I will tech product animation
to the industrial design students with blender, and interior and exterior
rendering for the interior design students. all with blender here at
the university at which i work and teach now.

somebody might start the game design class but for that i am unclear
where blender will go. we also need a 100% working solution.


I’m hoping to get a job that has to do with CG someday… Guess it’s a little early to be thinking about that, since I’m only thirteen :stuck_out_tongue:


your talent landed you a full time job :slight_smile: congrats though,


@Alden - thanks!

@LetterRip - Thank you :wink:


It’s easy to feel good for you since I too got a full time “blender job” in a local advertising agency just recently. :slight_smile: Last friday was my first day at the job. I’ll be mainly doing 3D with Blender… They also have Maya but I prefer Blender/Yafray.

Congratulations to you too ook! :smiley: Monday’d be the first day on my job,
man - I have butterflies in my stomach…or is that fluttering Blender-eyelashes?
(Btw: Love the speakers w/textures you have in your gallery!)

Yah the nice part of those smaller studios is that you
can bring your self better into their working pipeline.
Thats why I most time preferred those jobs more.

Hope to see some of the work you guys can produce with
Blender here!

The list of users on which uses the software
for their main job seems to be out dated.

It is very much outdated… should probably be killed and moved to the wiki…