Blender Latest Builds Changelog?

Hi All, I hope this is the right place to post my question.
I know that the daily builds of blender 2.79 are not properly “Releases” but, I wonder if there is any document or page where I can find what are the fix made or the new features added in a particular daily build. For example, I completely missed the new bevel shader in one of the latest releases, I discovered it by chance!
Where can I find a list of the changes if there is one?

Thanks in advance!

Recently created is the super helpful

Here’s where the bevel shader was mentioned, as part of master:

@Willodactyl, Man that was exactly what I was lookig for! Many thanks!

If you want more detailed commit info, you can check the mailing list here:

Most of the cycles stuff is destined to go into 2.80, cycles release notes for that here


@lazyDodo , I see that those cycles features are supposed to be in 2.8 release, that means that there will not be any stable release besides daily test builds (like 2.79a ecc)?

Because man, I just tried the CPU+GPU render on the 2.79.1 test built… and that’s great! I doubled my render speed on my laptop. I think I’ll use this for the next project even if it’s not official (saving twice my files before opening in the test build!). The bevel shader is also sweet!

There will be a stable 2.79a release coming relatively soon, however the official policy on that is afaik still ‘only bugfixes, no improvements’ so it seems very unlikely any of this stuff will make it in. (but exceptions have been made in the past… so you never know… )

Thanks for the links to the other release notes as well, I didn’t want to link to the wrong thing. :slight_smile: