Blender Lathe Modifier in python - Retry

I have recently read about a modifier for blender called Lathe - It rotates an object around a specified axis create a new shape (like the famous technique for creating a chesspawn from rotatin a curve).

I heard that this feature was dumped/stopped from being developed and i was very disapointed. So, Idecided to write it myself!

You can watch the preview on vimeo in the following link:
The final script will be released in several days. The main features are:

  1. Work on all object types - Curves, Meshes, Meta and Surfaces
  2. Memory efficient - doesn’t need to remember all the points of the new mesh, Only a tiny part.
  3. Auto update when the original object is changed (see the last minute of the vide above)
  4. Fully customizeable - you can choose the amount of copies, angle of rotation and more

didn’t they just rename it spin?

Looks like a very nice lathe tool. Look forward to trying it. :slight_smile:

it is more like a “modifier”. Spin makes a real mesh, you can`t change after using.
Great when integrated in the modifier-panel.
keep on.

then i agree. keep up the good work.