Blender lattice

(system) #1

When working in Blender with a lattice, I find I can deform my mesh, e.g. a sphere into a lozenge (a water droplet) but when I use the crt+shift+A to “Apply lattice deform” I get a mere slice. I’ve done a clean re-install, but to no avail. Can anyone offer some help or advice? :frowning:

(theeth) #2

try unparenting the object from the lattice (select the object and Alt-P)


(Squee) #3

Hey i just tried the CRTL + Shift + A. you don’t actually get a slice it just shows that you do. if you go in to edit mode it’s all there and is still there when you leave again.

I love Q&A i don’t even have to ask questions other people do it for me :slight_smile: