Blender Launcher [Standalone Software Client]

Hope to hear from you that you are OK. I can’t imagine what this war has done to the region. I’m so sorry.

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Sorry if I confused you about what is happening, I was writing with emotions from the situation :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I’m from ru region and I’m not supporting actions of government. There was some suppressed protests; in general situation is getting harder for people with such point of view from day to day.


Yea I understood, I meant that it’s tough for both sides because I know there are a lot of Russians that are against Putin’s decision but still have to deal with the consequences of sanctions, etc. Hope you stay strong and that this mess gets resolved quickly for everyone.

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:sparkles: Blender Launcher 1.15.0 :sparkles:

Looks like a new release is here… :sweat_smile: Thanks for patience!