Blender LCARS Theme (Beta)

Hey all, this is the first theme I made, hope you like it.

Its not yet ‘official’, as the colors are more of an approximation from what I remember than based on actual screencaps. Perhaps I will update it someday (I’m busy with school for the moment).

Anyway, here’s the the theme. Its based on the Nemesis (late 23rd century) LCARS design, which is slightly different from classic TNG and First Contact.

And a render of Suzanne wearing the Starfleet emblem to boot.


(Because if you don’t, I’m sure the Borg can find you!!:evilgrin:)



EDIT: Ok here’s a link to the file!


Funny idea, but I don’t think it looks very much like LCARS.

Your probably thinking of the orange TNG LCARS.

This is the blue LCARS as seen in Nemesis.

And here’s a shot of the menu colors:


Well, you nailed the colors, but it still doesn’t have the appearance of LCARS. That’s not your fault of course, there’s no way to make Blender look like that, unless the devs add an LCARS mode to the next release. Hint, hint devs. The lack of such a feature is a huge hit to usability and should be addressed for 2.5. Kay? :wink:

Oh, I think I see what you mean.

Of course I was going for color scheme, not functionality. :stuck_out_tongue: