Blender LEGO FPS Game :: Armies of War: Red Assault

Armies of War: Red Assault
The main thing I’m working on right now is making models, missions, fixing bugs, and optimizing the game.
Game Name: Armies of War: Red Assault
Powered by: Blender 3d, Python, Gimp 2.8, and Audacity.
News: New Demo
Main Character: Leonid Klimov
Setting: World War 2, Soviet Union vs Germany.

New Demo
Demo Level(OLD)
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Latest Update:

Having fun with the sniper:

A new airplane model, the Ill-2 Sturmovik soviet fighter plane


wow looks cool so far are those the final textures on the character?

No the texture’s are going to be much better

This is a small update on this game:

New Update:

3rd Update:

It should be "Respawning "

Good work as I commented (I didn’t know you already had a thread, - Sorry!)

Its Okay i dont really care

yep i already switched it i just have to post a new update probably like tommorow

New Update Enemy AI test

Nice update :slight_smile:

Thank you :cool:

I doubt you need me to tell you that the graphics are really bad. I do realize this is a work in progress also though. On the other hand I really like the way the movement and game play are looking (which is really more important anyway). Keep it up.

Edit: Just noticed you used the YoFrankie! grass texture (I think) :slight_smile:

If you want some help making some models. I can try to help you out. I have an AK47 gun model you can use if you would like. Send me a message and Ill upload the blend file for you.

Looks pretty good but like AnW said, and no offense, the graphics defiantly need some work

yep that’s true and i plan to make my own grass in the future. :cool:

i will change them.

New Update:

Very nice progress, I think alot needs polishing, but so far its looking solid, nice work :slight_smile: