Blender LEGO FPS Game :: Armies of War: Red Assault

Thank’s :slight_smile:

yep i will change a bunch of stuff

New update

New Update

Finally new update

Wow it looks pretty good,well done keep it up,we are hoping for the best part…

Foot Comfort

New Update

Yey i made a tank

with an AI

^^ You can edit posts :wink:

The gameplay is looking pretty smooth, although running seems a bit slow. The graphics could use some work, especially the lighting and shading. But it looks like it would be fun to play, which is the most important, ofcourse :slight_smile:

Nice work :slight_smile:


Thank you u should check out the new update :wink:

I will post a new update today Yey. I need someone to help me make this game LAN or Online Multiplayer please Help :slight_smile: Thanks for Viewing.

An awesome update Please reply and download demo

you can download a demo here:

I downloaded the demo but it’s .exe so I can’t play on my mac, nice work anyway.

Really nice work, only thing is that the pistol has waay too much accuracy, as if it was a sniper rifle haha. But that’s it, it’s really cool other nice, I like the sound effects and the voices!

thanks, I really like to make this game and it is kind of fun:)

the voices are actually from a game called men of war but i edited some of them.

Finally a sniper made and a new update :slight_smile: