Blender LEGO-ish World War 2 Game - Armies of War: Red Assault (2011-Today)

This is a LEGO WW2 based game I have been working on for a pretty long time. It is based on a USSR World War 2 Soldier named Leonid Klimov (not a true story) but it will have a campaign and maybe survival mode like on the Eastern front or something like that. Updates are not daily but I will be posting them.
The programs I am using are: Blender, Gimp, and Audacity.

Also some background: I started working on this game in October 2011, I realized that I can make the game better by remaking some parts of it so I remade the game in late 2012 and I have been working on the game since. I love watching how much progress I have actually made considering I am basically working alone and creating all the models and textures on my own.

The most recent videos will be posted as replies because it takes time to edit this post every time.

Here are some videos of the progress! And it would be great if you can check out older updates on my YouTube Channel as well as leave a like and subscribe for more updates because I post more frequently on YouTube rather than here. Feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:

One of the recent updates on the main character:

This is a more recent airplane test video:

Here is a video of the T-34 tank in action:

P.S. - I don’t know why but my old thread has been closed so I started a new one

Awesome it looks good keep up the good work

Thank you killer :smiley:

Looks good! Have you considered having an indoor level where the units are all miniature (that is, are the same scale as real-life Legos)? I think such a level would help shed light on what kind of play features you’d want and how the different unit types should maybe affect one another.
Anyways - nice work! Your efforts have definitely paid off!!

Interesting idea, I need to look into that, but right now im not working on this game. I will look into it once I get back into making this. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: