Blender Library/Materializer Links

Mariano Hidalgo, the creator of the useful Blender Library and Materializer scripts, no longer has a website, apparently. His old URL is no longer his site. I have been unable to find a link for either script anywhere else. If you can find a link, please let me know.

I have a copy of the Blender Library script (v 1.3.3) up on my site. I had to upload it as a .txt file because my webhost apparently restricts .py files. Just save the file as “” and put it in your scripts folder. I can’t seem to find my copy of Materializer, though. I would also appreciate any help that others may be able to offer.

alright, thanks Blendenzo. For anyone who hasn’t seen it, Blender Library is an extremely useful script to store materials, objects, and more. You can add anything to it, including any materials you download yourself, and then recall them all later to add to your own projects. So check it out if you haven’t already.

Hey… yeah the site is down AGAIN… need to change host I guess.
I ll post the updated version of the scripts soon to some other place… I still havent finished updating to 2.43 and I have some problems with backward compatibility.

Sorry for the inconvinience and thanks blenderzo for sharing the older version in the meantime.

Do you think that DreamHost would cut for a host? I know some servers on that and there have been no problems whatsoever yet. It’s cheap if that’s what your after…

Here’s some reviews about it:

What is going to be updated?

Well… the danm free host refuse even to give a redirect page on the address… i give up.

go here for the script and help me test if its fully works in 243 :slight_smile:

Soon Ill have materializer ready for 243 with more options.

@s-t-s: I willl check out that host


I tested the script with 2.43 (i never used it before), i got the following error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “<string>”, line 894, in gui
File “<string>”, line 104, in first_setup
File “<string>”, line 170, in init
IOError: couldn’t load image

@zoulou… thanks for the bug report… yeah its a first setup issue… I only tested with the library already built…

Ill post a fix soon

Hello Mariano,
I recently wrote: Works great for me in 2.43… Well I thought it did; in my excitement to use my existing library I had not checked for being able to add to the library. I’m unable to add to my library, I get errors for a unified renderer. Please see the screen grab of my console

complaining about the unified render not being found.

Unified error fixed… Ill upload again soon… in the meantime… someone got any trouble open legacy (243 or less) items? crashes or somethign… specially with object

Thank you so very much for this! I’ve been looking for these scripts for ever! One small thing I might suggest though is that you change the links in your signature to the new host? :wink:

Otherwise thanks again! Can’t wait for the updated “materializer” script.:slight_smile: