Blender Library?

Somebody knows if exists some project related to some type of library of materials in the Blender?

I find that it would be very useful, the visualizer of these materials or textures could be something seemed with the Image Browser, and the place where it would be stored the data of this library could be a external archive, to be able to be sent or to make backup of its personal library

Alguém sabe se existe algum projeto relacionado a algum tipo de biblioteca de materiais no Blender?

acho que seria muito útil, o visualizador destes materiais ou texturas poderia ser algo parecido com o Image Browser, e o local onde seria armazenados os dados desta biblioteca poderia ser um arquivo externo, para poder ser enviado ou fazer backup de sua biblioteca pessoal

Si, si. Aqui:

And Sonix has one for Car Materials and I think there is one other.


Thanks Fligh %, but it was not this well, I find that it lacked I to explain me better, wanted to know if it has plans to create a type of library, equal the existing libraries in 3DMax or Maya

Obrigado Fligh %, mas não era bem isso, acho que faltou eu me explicar melhor, queria saber se há planos criar um tipo de biblioteca, igual as bibliotecas existentes no 3DMax ou Maya

Aah… you explained it well; it is me that did not read it well!

It has been requested often, but I don’t know of any plans to impliment it yet.


Thanks, my English that is bad hehehe

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Obrigado, meu ingles é que é ruin hehehe

I think this might interest you,

From project orange …

… material node editor (nicknamed ‘noodles’) …

It should make the understanding of materials and their construction a lot clearer at a glance.

I’ve seen some other materials than sonix car materials. Un fortunately I don’t know where.