Blender Lighters Wanted in Vancouver, B.C.

It’s a robot party and you’re invited!

Dacosta!, an animation director based in Vancouver, Canada, is working with Nimble Collective to assemble a team of 3D lighting engineers who know Blender to collaborate on a short film that will be released later in 2016. This is a paid gig that is currently in animation and now we need you to help us light these robotic besties.

You’ll be working with world-class industry veterans as part of a stealth team of animators in the B.C. area who are proficient in Blender and have the skill and enthusiasm to join us in this fun, exciting, and high profile (but secret) short film. Remember, it’s secret. But very cool. Secretly cool!

If you are based in the Vancouver area, ready to work on a crazy fun short film … with ROBOTS (we mean the characters are robots, not, like, robots who animate) then contact us at <i>[email protected]</i>.

Hello! Are you strictly looking for people in Vancouver or are you willing to let people work remotely?