Blender <-> Lightflow Arealight

(mad3d) #1

After I exported my scene into the py file i need to make an object light-emitting, a sort of neon, the problem is … how ?? ???
thanks a lot…

(eeshlo) #2

You can create arealights by creating a quad face (a plane) and adding ‘PLIGHT’ to the object name, the script will then export it as an arealight. To be able to control light energy and color, you have to add a material to the mesh. The ‘Hard’ slider controls the light energy. Arealights can slow down rendering quite a bit, but this also depends on the size of the patch, the larger it is, the longer the rendering times.
If you use radiosity you could try using the ‘_AMBI’ material name extension with any mesh, but you would have to edit the .py file to make the colour a lot brighter for it to actually have much of an effect.

(mad3d) #3

mhm thanks a lot eeshlo,
currently i use Matspider to applicate materials to the exported objects, i’d like to know which are the other objects names “sensible” for the exporter, like, in this case, “PLIGHT”
thank u very much and excuse for my bad english

(eeshlo) #4

There is a readme.txt in the zipfile, you can find information in there about how you can export materials like glass or metal with the script by changing the material name, as well as how to do Depth of Field by using an Empty object. I’m not sure if that is what you mean though…