blender link list?

any chance of a big list of links for blender(WITH DESCRIPTIONS OF CONTENT [!] )

any content e.g
useful tips,tutes,materials,models(not any mesh sites, .blend files),scripts,galleries etc

for noobies(and the rest of us) to see whats happening in blender and what it can do.
i know about the script and tute lists
but there are plenty of scripts not on the script list for example and its good to look through lots of blender content.

good idea??

Look in my sig.

any chance of a big list of links for blender(

Go for it!


A few here:

check these out

its always good to search the forums before you post… %|

ok, blendermax read the whole post before jumpin infor the kill %|
i said i korial new of the script and tutorial lists.

what i meant was something like the link broken posted all resources not just one.

its a good start but there are loads of cool sites for blender that everyone should know about and lots of little sites where you go and you find something and say “wow, thats just what i need!” ya know?

i’m just trying to make learning blender easier for peps, god knows it was hard for us, well most of us. one thing i found hard was the endless dead links