Blender Link with Pose Library emphasis.

Thanks for reading.
Can a pose library be linked into a second file the same way armatures are? Can poses be given to the animator?
I have a newly created and naive library.
I may be beginning to think that maybe all posing was to be done by the animator not rigger. (I am amateur both at this time)
I thought the pose library was part of the armature.
When I link then attempt to use pose library the blender system complains there is no valid pose library.

Related question.
When I link and then create a proxy armature… the proxy stance… seems to be the edit mode stance … which is sloppy. Usually I can ignore the edit mode stance.

My edit mode stance for armature (not official blender pose I suppose) is sloppy. Can I somehow cause the edit mode to assume one of the stance of the elegant(less sloppy) poses of … pose mode??? I have already a few decent choices created in pose mode and in the library. The sloppy stance in edit mode is not so easy to see and change.

Thanks in advance.

Blender 2.54 (sub 0) System Information =
version 2.54 (sub 0), revision -UNKNOWN-. Release
build date: 2010-10-21, 08:24:42
platform: Windows:64bit

+1 I have the same question for this…

And i wonder if we can create pose library in the linked Armature file, so it will make additional pose to the whole library.

after a few hours of experiment with 2.56a, i realize that i can’t redo the pose library in linked armature. The only possible way is to append the rig or a Character’s Group… Is it a bug or just not implemented yet ? Because in BIG animation production, especially in TV series project, this would become handy. It will shorten the posing time because animator will only need to import the preset… And i’m planing to do that in a few month ! HELP ! *finger crossed

It should be possible to link in a Pose Library (they are just standard actions, “with a bit of extra stuff”), and then using the Pose Library UI panels (latest builds only) assign these linked in Pose Libraries to these actions.

Hi Aligorith, thanks for quick reply. I downloaded r35003 from Graphicall, abit confuse at first, but after searching i found the pose library UI panel under the Object Data ^_^. Awesome ! Thank you…

PS: what’s Sanitise pose library action actually do ?

Aligorith can answer more clearly than I, but the basic purpose of that button is to allow you convert any action into a pose library.

nice, i need to experiment on that. Thanks Fweeb. Now, if only i can export the pose library or any action into one specific file that contain only animation information, just like, for example .eani file in softimage that would be a huge breakthrough.

Thanks for keeping this alive.

Incidentally, I meant to answer this. That’s actually pretty easy. Append the action datablock to a separate .blend file and give it a fake user. Then it’s available for any rig with properly matching bones. Done!