Blender (Linux kb shortcut)

I 've notice that some shortcut doesn’t work in Linux versionf of blender because they’ve been used by the OS themselves

i can’t use ALT + right click to select multiple vertices in linux any idea how i can fix this or ways around this?

i can’t use CTRL + TAB to variy between EDGE <> VERTICES <> FACE select mode

anyways around that? in LINUX

What window manager are you using?

You can usually change what key combinations the window manager grabs for its own use.

I am using KDE not sure what manager it is. Unless KDE is a manager

kde is a window manager and desktop manager. in that case go to the control center and look around the window configuratio. not sure where exactly it is as i don’t use that (bloated) kde but you should find it. simply unmap whatever command grabs that shortcut and you should be fine.

Google finds
Is that any help?


Control Panel >> Desktop >> Window Behavior >> Actions tab

There you can change the modifier key from Alt to Meta, which should transfer the current behavior of the Alt keys to the windows logo keys.

Hi, try pressing shift with the usual combination. eg. [ALT] Right click will be [SHIFT] [ALT] Right Click.
This sorted my problems with selecting loop edges.