blender linux/windows different make face behavior

hey guys, I’ve come back to linux after a long time in windows, and i got used to the ‘make edge/face’ tool creating quads when you used F/make face with a vertex selected at an open edge junction, however on linux it seems to only create a tri from the adjacent two verts… :confused:

which would be all well and good had i not have gotten used to and found the quad behavior a powerful method in a faster modelling workflow.

here is an illustration to make it easier to follow what I am talking about.

there is no options in the operator panel, so it’s fixed behavior, why is this? and should i submit a bug or push a feature request to allow both? (via an operator tickbox option preferably)

edit: oh finally i found out shortly after, but the thread was in moderation, good thing no one wasted time replying, I figured it out, it was the F2 mesh addon that adds the feature, my bad :spin: