Blender / Lipsync Simple 2D Animation API functionality (Linux)

Blender to accept an audio file and render and save a 2d avatar lipsync animation via API in headless mode. Our software written in PHP needs to execute a shell command passing 2 parameters ( input file and save path) to execute a python/ bash/ shell script ( example: $ ./ -i input.mp3 -o output.mkv )

The video output specs will never need to change. (1920X1080 29.97fps mp4/mkv format) Sound output is not necessary as the audio input file can be re-encoded into the final video production which will consist of multiple animations strung together. Each animation should have a 1 second buffer prior to the avatar speaking and at the end of the audio track, to allow for transitions.

Blender should be running in headless/server mode so that the Blender application does not need to be launched each time a render needs to occur. Cache should be cleared after each rendering, so the assets to not need to be reloaded.

I am a PHP developer of 10+ years. I have a basic understanding of Blender, however, the complexity of available plugins and/or examples that I have toyed with in combination with creating the api/scripting functionality is becoming too time consuming to learn .

I’ve been led to believe that Blender is a very well suited solution. A quick quote for time and hourly rate or total cost to complete the project would be greatly appreciated. Additional rates can be paid to someone willing to “walk” me through the build process via skype screen share. Please include some means by which to contact you. Any advice that can be offered would be greatly appreciated. We are under a time crunch for this, so someone could start working on this project this weekend with payment for services promptly paid.