Blender lists many non-existing textures; "tex.001, 002, 003" etc. (2.5x)

Lately (eh, let’s say a few months, lol) I’ve noticed that I get this incredibly long list with textures in my imageselector dropdowns. I really wonder what’s the reason for this? Is it some buffer storing my undo-levels or what is it? It doesn’t cause me any problem per se, but having to scroll down this list of 50+ “Table_Col.001->” until I hit the one called only “Table_Col.png” is kind of a nuisance. especially when I have many objects in my scenes. Is it due to some setting in my preferences or do I have to live with it?:eek:
The version I’m using today is r31162, but it’s been like this in all 2.5’s -I think-
I should also mention that these “textures” does not have a “.imageformat”, only “.#”

its possible that these are somehow associated with your startup blend and were assigned to fake users so even though you think they are deleted, they are still referred to. If you click on the texture button, can you select them? If so, try deleting them there and then resaving your default blend file, that should clear them from there.

Oh, they do disappear when I close and reopen the file, and they don’t lie there as images, they are just names that populate the dropdowns. The reason I ask why they are “undo-levels” is because they often show up when I do texturing/UV mapping.

And no, they are not in the startup wich is completely empty.
And ofcourse now that I try to recreate it, it is all fine, so I can’t check if it is possible to save them to check if they actually have a filesize. In any case, when I tried selecting them to view in the imageviewer they were all black. I think I might not even have selected them for view but just looked at the black thumbnails in the dropdowns and just hurried along to get done with what I was doing just pausing for a second to grind my teeth in slight frustration.
I’ll try to post an update later on when I encounter it again. :slight_smile:

So, this is not really a problem, just something that confuses me now and then.