Blender.Load() yofrankie questions

hi guys, second question today, but this one is a short one:

how do you load multiple blend files (like in yofrankie)?

i simply cannot grasp how they do it, neither can i find a tutorial about it.

when i load a blend file (using python or logic bricks) all the data gets removed, as the documentation about Blender.Load correctly states.

i know, that there is something i completely cease to see,
could someone pls post the keywords i would need to find that functionality with the search engine of my choice?

help, as always, will be greatly appreciated,

You use the game actuator to switch blend files, and you can also use the same actuator to save the globalDict (GameLogic.globalDict). globalDict is a Python dictionary that you can store all of your data in that you want saved. In the next blend file, use the game actuator to load the globalDict.

i am well aware of the globaldict and i basically know, what every actuator does.

my question would be, how to load MULTIPLE blend files?

but i guess, this just isnt possible.

thanks anyways :wink:

YoFrankie only has one blendfile for the levels. The other blend files are for assets, so there groups are linked into the current blend file,

Blender.* should not be used in the Game Engine, and Cant be used in the player.

i learned something new today,
guess i got to enhance my search by looking for linkages :wink:

thx for the answer, i think you helped me a lot.

just another silly question:
is there any way to get the currently loaded bytes of an .blend file?
i think there isnt any?

greetings again,

“is there any way to get the currently loaded bytes of an .blend file”
Not sure what you mean, or what you intend to do with this data.

hi again

i just wanted to get a preloader running which can output the load percentage of the loaded file.

some things i realised in the last days:
blender will always keep only one blend file in the memory
i can group objects in one scene and link that group into the other scene.
thats great!

some questions remain:

what is happening in blender if i load groups once and then use it multiple times in the scene?
are those groups added as instances (to clarify: the object is only used once and copied without duplicating for example the textures is what i am looking for here)

when i import the group it is displayed as if she were one object with only one mesh.
is this true?
does this mean, that the group is objectified during link-load?

is it possible, to give a group dynamic and static for its parts?
or would i have to create 2 groups and link them, one dynamic and one static?

thanks for reading,