BLENDER LOADING PROBLEM - please help if you can!

Brand new to Blender and open-source software in general, so please forgive me if this is a simple mistake on my part.

PC Specifications:

AMD A8-5600K Quad-Core APU @3.60GHz
Integrated AMD Radeon HD7560 GPU
(full technical specs for IGP available here:
WINDOWS 8 - 64bit
updated graphics drivers this morning (1/5/13)


Downloaded and successfully installed Blender 2.65A for Windows64.
Program opens without any error message, briefly displaying Python prompt window before toggling off to display GUI.
GUI never loads, showing only blank screen (black in my case, but color changes with my Windows display settings). Although no visual content appears, scrolling over appropriate portions of the window cause the cursor to change as expected. IE: scrolling over the portion of the user interface that would link to the Blender wiki page causes the pointer cursor to appear and clicking there opens my internet browser, sending me to the wiki page. Likewise, the widow resizing cursor appears where one would expect and the boundaries appear to be interactive, allowing me to resize the various task bars and display windows even though I can not see them. The program never crashes and never sends an error message. Both my OS and Blender appear to regard it as functioning normally.


Scoured the forums here as well as many other resources on the web with nothing quite like this appearing. Uninstalled and reinstalled following to the letter a walk through of someone else successfully installing and running Blender on a Windows 8 64 system. Went into the setting for my GPU to make sure anti-aliasing was off and updated the driver directly from manufacturer. Also double checked that my system met the requirements for the program.

I hope someone out there has an idea of what I am missing here. Thanks in advance to anyone taking the time to read this.

First update to latest graphics card drivers from vendors website (not check for updates in windows control panel)

Thanks, Richard. That definitely fixed the problem with Bleander loading correctly. However, now I appear to have a problem with vertical sync on my display… Currently searching for solution.