Blender locking up

Sometimes, and it seems to be somewhat random, I’ll render a frame or an animation and blender will lock up, using all the CPU until I kill it. Just before I began rendering an animation and it was fine up until frame 11, where it died (nothing special happens at frame 11, hence the seeming-randomness).

The only thing that I’ve found that seems to prevent it is not doing the render at 100% size, which is fine for my purposes now, but not a good long-term solution.

What happens is that the frame renders, and the picture shows up in the window, however before the edges are drawn (I’m making a cartoony-looking thing), it stops. When it stops, the mouse pointer remains showing the frame number that it was working on.

Any thoughts on that? Anything more I can do to try to pin it down?

I have just had the exact same problem, I am not even running a particularly complex file, it just completely freezes up until I reboot. Anybody know why or how to stop it or anything? Is it my system?

Well, I’m running on Linux, so reboots aren’t needed. But it is a bit annoying. I found that if the rendering is done on the command line, it doesn’t happen at all. For me this works OK, I don’t want my previews to be full size, and now I do full animations using DrQueue.

BTW: if it is helpful, I’m happy to supply my .blend file.

Right, I will give the commandline a shot see if that helps!

OK, for the interested, here is my Blender file that causes lockups. I tested it just now by rendering the frame, and it worked fine. Did it a second time and it locked up.

I just spoke to my IT department, got them to have a look and sod’s law it worked fine!!! :<

Try also running your Task Manager (if there is a linux equivalent) I am not sure why but it seems to stop it!

Try rendering with DispView instead of DispWin (Scene settings window F10, to the left).