Blender locks up in Fedora 12

I’m using Fedora Core 12 64-bit with an NVidia Quadro FX 3700 and the NVidia proprietary driver. Whenever I start Blender it locks up within a minute or so. The user interface is completely unresponsive and there is no output on the console. I don’t have problems with any other program. Anything I can do to fix this?


Does starting Blender is software-gl mode stop the lockups.

You should be able to test by either finding the blender-softwaregl script (assuming it comes with your version) and running blender that way or the following command line:


Software gl mode makes the interface and 3d view port respond slower but wont affect rendering or compositing.

I use fedora 13 on a 32bit system and I found that Blender tends to behave better because of the newer gfx drivers.

Also did you try changing the Window Drawing Method in the user preferences > system tab

Make sure smooth draw is disabled and compiz on the gnome desktop is disabled, blender hates compiz or any of that 3d desktop stuff and turning off smooth navigate makes blender and your gfx card work less hard making it less likely to cause a crash. Turn of mipmap setting also may speed things up slightly and make things less likely to lockup.

Also more recent svn builds on are much more stable and maybe one of them will help.

Also just out of curiosity when you run Blender 32 bit version do you still get the same lockups?

If all else fails though software-gl mode usually works if you can cope with the slowdown.

Software GL makes the problem go away.

I’m using the proprietary NVidia drivers, so upgrading to FC13 would not change the drivers (although the newer kernel and other thigns might fix this).

Where is this Window Drawing method? Is that a Blender setting or a Gnome setting? Or are you using KDE?


The window draw method is part of Blender in the user preferences.

Start Blender

close the splash screen

press ctrl+alt+u to get the user preferences dialog box

click on the system tab

in the middle of the dialog is a drop down menu that you can select the different draw types.

Hope that helps if not let me know and il see if i can get a blend file posted

I’m using blender 2.49, not 2.5.

I had similar problem on Ubuntu and it was OpenAL default setting for sound. Solved by switching to SDL sound system in Blender user prefs ( System tab ).

Again, I’m using Blender 2.49, not 2.5.

Sorry I overlooked this info. I never had problems with 2.49 so I can’t be much helpful.
I’m on Ubuntu Lucid 32bit and in my Home folder there is a file .xsession-errors with some useful info about issues in general. You can also view system logs to search errors while Blender was running.Blender console isn’t helpful in some cases.

Thanks AIBlender and jawra for your help. I am getting acceptable performance by turning off acceleration, so I will work with that for now.

Also I don’t experience this bug in 2.5 so I might use it instead (although doing so isn’t straightforward because I have a python script that can’t yet be ported to python3 because of a 3rd-party module that isn’t yet available for python3).