Blender Logo Animation

Hi, here’s my first post to this forum. I’ve been working to get a decent fire material, so I came up with this test animation.

It’s only rendered at 25% size to get low render times, so get your binoculars and enjoy!

Size <900kB


very, um interesting. Only crit I have is that you could make it start and stop to make it more realistic looking and the blue thing in the end should be like fire coming at the screen not just some random blue ball!

Hmm, start and stop? What do you mean? That blue ball should represent the blue ball in the Blender logo…


Maybe try making the blue center wit lense flar popping out at the end, give it energy

If you ask me I think its great. It just needs some sound. And perhaps that fire should come from something.

Desoto: Thanks, and yes sound should be cool to add…
About adding an “fire emitter” I think it would clutter the animation, my idea is that the only thing in it is the logo!

Fonix Wircs: Hmm, energy. You mean for the ball or fire?


what I mean by start stop is the fire should sputter not roll on through the shape so smoothly, kinda like it was chaching onto one thing and another.