Blender logo colour inconsistencies

So I tried to find out what Blender’s official logo colour is and noticed…

When I asked around, people told me to use the colour on, that must be the ‘most official’ one.
So then I was wondering… which of the two? :wink:

Is this about finding the official Blender logo color, or about inconsistant colors on the website? :confused:

just go here for the logo in different formats:

It’s about inconsistent colours on the website(s) of Blender.

Also, when downloading the archive - I get different colours on the SVG than on the EPS inside. Can someone confirm that?

I’d assume that if they dont care enough to make the colors consistent, they wont care which version you’ll use. so just take the one you like better :).

Got a solution: Crowdfunding to pay for a month a bespectacled nerd to fix website’s and social media channels’ images. And after that a well organized neighbourhood food collection to prevent him to leave.

Lol, from the title I thought this thread was about blender’s color management (TBH I hoped it was about cycles’ tonemapping).
I feel rickroll’d. XD

Well, colour management is a universal annoyance, both inside and outside 3D software. :wink:

i find it fun to play & watch
not really annoyed by, as i like diversity… and was also thinking about it few days ago - need to make some diverse & unconventional logo color studies (tired of orange)

also title is deceiving, had same expectation as the Viruz

The thing is, this isn’t intentional diversity - this is accidental inconsistency caused by a lack of or faulty colour management.

It would be entirely different if Blender intentionally had, say an orange, a teal and a violet version of its logo.
Anyway, I changed the thread’s title to avoid confusion. It is​ about colour management but not colour management inside Blender per se. :slight_smile: