blender logo for "powerd by blender game engine"

Hi everyone,

our space shooter is near to be finished (hopefully it will be finished till the competition starts in march :wink: ) and we think it would be cool to show the blender logo when the game starts.
Is there a blend file with a 3d model of the logo availible?


I don’t know but you might want to add a Bullet logo too if you use physics and like logos.

Found this one on my hard drive from ages ago. It’s kind of boring as it is but you could add GLSL bump mapping and explosions and stuff if you want to make it look coo;.


BlenderGE logo.blend (520 KB)

Thank you, that is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ve tweaked it just a little bit to make it look more modern. Though I guess our 3d artist will tell me that I’ve done all wrong and make his own version of it…


BlenderGE logo2.blend (540 KB)