blender logo(newbie)

i am new to blender.just tried my hands on making a logo for a few days and i ended up with this.

yesterday i was watching the blender art gallery,i came upon a model which brilliantly done using blender and indigo.just wanted to know whether i can use indigo in ubuntu(which is my main operating system).

Maybe it can be used through Wine? Im not sure you might have to dig through the forums a bit or maybe someone will answer you here. Anyway, as a first project its good. although I usually see the logo more orangy than it is now. You could always try to add stuff around it :slight_smile:

thanks for the reply.but i tried using wine but i am getting some error like
Fatal error:Inifileexcept:could not open localinifile.txt :confused:

what’s that???

i dont want to use windows just for indigo.also is indigo good for my present system config??
Intel D core 2.66Ghz
inbuilt ATI Radeon Xpress 200 series card
512 MB RAM

I haven’t used indigo myself (yet) although googling has shown threads suggesting it is possible for us Linux users.

Discussion about the two here:
…probably that’s a good discussion group to post indigo specific questions.

Indigo for 64 bit Linux download:
Indigo for 32 bit Linux download:

Downloadable how-to for successful installation:

Wine install (allows GUI):

Apparently something called Blendigo also helps with the above, although not having tried it myself yet, I’m not sure on which versions (wine versus native Linux) there are or the differences.

P.S: I think the less than orange colouring in your render is due to you having the default blue world background, which your objects are reflecting (you are probably using raytracing). Change the world colour to white and see how she renders.
Later on, with a little more blender experience, return to your logo project and look at rounding off / beveling the flat right angled edges. Small technique that makes all the difference to a good render if you’re thinking about using serious renderers. I posted up something on this onto someone’s thread a small while back:

…have you looked at yafray?

i am sorry to not mention this earlier :smiley: .the work was done in yafray.although,i just put some random settings in the yafray GI and yafray tab.

anywayss,thanks for the replies~~~~

how do i get this kind of affect…

i ended up with this…

Indigo. Takes a while to render but damn its good!

For that kind of effect in Yafray you need (a) Raytracing transparency on in the materials window, (b) an IOR value for the material, and © a photon light (Which is like a spotlight only it shoots GI photons instead of lightrays).

Alternatively, Luxrender is similar to Indigo, but for Linux. It does have dome problems of its own, though…

I am trying only internal rendering. Try to change Shader parameters. In my logos I have used only Blender Internal Rendering.

Now see this thread