Blender logo(WIP)

This is my first post here at Blender Artists =D

Well to topic,
I am very new to Blender, AND 3D. I have done some earlier work in bryce and DAZ, that was secon year in “gymnasiet”(the school you go to after grade 9 in sweden)

Anyway, that was some year(s) ago and i do not remember anything of it at all, so a fresh start for me =) So i have made myself a blender logo, and its a WIP as you might see, i want to know how and what to do to give it that little extra something :wink:

I have two renders of the logo,

Render one:

Render two:

There they are :slight_smile:

Comments are very welcome =)


[EDIT] Hope the images will stay there now :wink:

It might help if the pics were there…

Of course this has to happen on my first post -_- sorry for that Midian…

I will change it right away!:yes: