Blender looks washed after NVIDIA Driver update

I use Blender v2.71 and I’m running Windows 10 64bit. I hope somebody can help me :frowning:

If you roll back the driver, does that bring the look back to normal?

Both Nvidia and AMD drivers can be pretty uneven in quality, some versions can be gold and other versions can be turds. This is one reason why the rollback feature is useful.

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Yes, when I roll back to 399.24 and older. Can this be fixed? I need the newer versions because of my Premiere Pro CC 2019 and I can’t find a common ground version for the 2 to work :frowning:

I can reproduce this issue in Blender 2.71, however this is a very old version of Blender that isn’t going to be supported anymore. It doesn’t happen on newer versions, so this might actually be a bug in Blender that was “tolerated” by the driver until now.

Is there a good reason why you need Blender 2.71 in particular?


Ohhh okay, that’s unfortunate :frowning:

I’m using this version because it’s the version that best fits modding NBA 2K headshape models.

I’m afraid this exotic use-case will likely not get fixed. I don’t know about your workflow, perhaps you can use 2.71 only for exporting and use newer versions for the rest.

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Change the color space, maybe it’ll help.

and here also

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Tried this, but nothing has changed :frowning: thanks though.

That’s a bummer. Thanks for everything though! :smiley: