Blender Low Poly to Autocad customizable objects


I’m new here,

I’ve found out that Blender is a good program for creating Low Poly objects. Before I start the learning curve to get the hand of Blender. I would like to know if it’s possible and or hard to export an 3D Low Poly object to Autocad or Vectorworks to make it functional ea. splitting it in two and giving it M4 connection thread to make it a functional 3D printed object?

Or is this all possible in Blender itself. At last is there somebody who can do this or has a good tutorial on it that I didn’t find yet.(being the functionality of the object not the low poly, I found tutorials for that already which convinced me to use Blender and sign me up on the Forum.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kindest Regards


The blender to autocad pipeline is treacherous. I have never had good luck importing useful files into autocad. You can get polyface meshes in there, but no solids. A polyface mesh is pretty much useless in autocad, unless you want to use it as a reference object, and then re-model in in autocad.