Blender LSCM scripted to max

It’s nice to notice that Blender shows example for other modelling software:

After seeing the max8 peltmapping vids, and doing a bit research on the topic, I found that wings3d and blender already have nice automatic unwrappers, using the same technique called LSCM. This maxscript/plugin combo implements the technique based on blender3d. It allows the user to mark edges as uv seams and run the automatic unwrap.

Using Python is one of the greatest things in Blender IMHO! I think it is excellent for learning 3d math basics, for example.

Im in no way good at mapping in blender and rather new blender.
But isn’t this guy mixing live transformation up with normal lscm unwrap?

As far as i can remember peltmap is a “live” unwraping tool and was implemented in max 8 first shown at siggraph aug 2005. (quicktime)

Lscm live transformation came with blender 2.4(?)

Or am i missing something important here?

no, lscm came with blender 2.3x. Not just blender, ALOT of proprietary softwares gets their idea from FOSS.

That’s why i’m on blender side even though I’m a max user.

Yes. The blender lscm unwrap came with 2.3X.
Im talking about lscm live transform that i thought were the closest to peltmap (I might be wrong). According to release logs for blender, live transformation came with 2.4

My question was not about taking any side.

Live transform, never notice this before… just watched the demo. Dang! How can i miss this one.

Well, been experimenting with pelt mapping before, kind of useless. Much like LSCM, but with more tweaks, that’s all. I mean there’re the new relax dialog from max that calculates the face angle on the model, this is much useful, IMHO.

Anyway my “side” talking refers to proprietary softwares taking examples from FOSS, not your question and they’re just encouragement speech :slight_smile: