Blender Luxcore carpaint tutorial

Learn to create a realistic Luxcore carpaint shader.

Shaderball free :


Great work, keep it up!

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Thanks ! Happy that you like it.

It’s a good thing I tried the luxcore carpaint I can’t get the color I want, I needed a tutorial!

@sharlybg man you are doing a great job explaining each material node. The results are impressive and I downloaded luxcore and looking forward to test it. It could be nice to have a tutorial regarding on how to set the scenes…the amount of parameters are a little bit overwhelming. Maybe a starting point on the main parameters. I understand that most of the teaching resources are focused on arcvhiz…but could be nice to have a scene to render objects.

Ok I am looking forward to try it. The porsche scene is not for share I guess? I am interested in the settings more than the car.

Thank you so much

The shader bal file is now available to download :