Blender, LuxRender, and A Little Blood

Most of the time I use Blender for work and I rarely have time to spend on fun projects. But last night I decided to do a quick render for Halloween. It’s a ridiculously simple scene, but I have to admit that I managed to creep myself out a little bit working on it.


haha nice! definitly creepy, like a horror movie which had extra fake blood left over in the last scene :wink:

what method did you use to put the blood on the wall?

I like the handprints on the wall. They seem to be telling a story. :slight_smile:

Looks like someone was pretty desperate to put the pot on the stand :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m imagining a burp coming from off screen.

Simple with a clear story is best my friend! well executed.

heh, I think I’ve graduated or something in the land of CG nerdyness, I recognize all those blood stain graphics and have many of the same on my own computer.

Yes I’d like to know how you put the blood on the wall. Just one texture or multiple?

Sexy and minimalistic! Kinda similar to one of my trials; check out the one in my sig.

Nice. Clean and simple.

My intepretation was that someone was bleeding heavily and trying very hard to get the pot, they stood up and then got shot. Alternatively, someone was standing at the pot, got shot and then crawled away.

My only crit would be that the spatter patterns don’t seem to match either story (or maybe that’s the point, who doesn’t like a mystery? :)). For example, if someone was crawling towards the pot after being injured (as indicated by the handprints) the pattern on the floor would probably be the other way around and fade out towards the pot.

Either way, good work.

the blood is a little light that’s all I can say but that’s pretty cool! one crit! darker blood.

I gotta agree with the last post… blood should be a little darker (as it dries it darkens a little and it would dry a little being smeared like that).

Maybe the Black Beast of Arrrrrrrgggghhh was hiding in the jar! The person was trying to put it back on the stand so he could RUN AWAAAAYYYY!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice job.

So simple, yet so creepy:evilgrin:. My interpretation of how this blood could have been splatted this way in real life is the person was shot, not in the head but through the chest, put there hand on their chest, then in the pot, the was all of the sudden dragged away across the floor by the person who shot him/her. :slight_smile: Problably not exact but pretty close i think :yes:.

Wallpaper, floor covering, stone for the block. Nothing too complex, but would finish the scene off I feel.

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