Blender + Macromedia flash

I have a question about functionality of BGE…is it possible to integrate flash(I mean…fully functional…ActionScript+frames+Animation) with blender?
As far as I know Pygame is a standalone program…like text2speech…and blender uses them.
Is it possible to integrate some program like flash with blender?. Like in Crysis or Halo3 game engines.

the problem is in the operating systems security.

If you use a flash menu in a web browser, and try to execute a EXE file, the firewall will go totally nuts. Not to mention Explorer of firefox popping up warnings all over the place.

You can program a nice menu in pygame, and have it launch a blender .exe file without too much difficulty from the security system.
Pygame dose not support SVG or flash last time I checked…
But if you understand that type of programming blitting a few bitmaps on a surface will be total child’s play for you.
(I find blender much esyer to use for a menu system, I can do it with only a sime ple show mouse code, the rest with logic bricks)

If you already have your flash graphics complete, it is possible to export them to SVG, then simply import them into blender. (you will have to manualy make the areas filled)

anyways, hope that helps you out :smiley:

Well thanx. But flash is way far from just scalable vector graphics. My idea was to use flash for interactive ingame interface(full with ActionScript, XML,TXT…outer files for use.) Not mention…extremely cool,float animations you can make…attached with actionscripts to control the whole interface…exporting vriables to python and controlling the game…and so on…
I know that this is probably very hard to implement in blender…but is there any chance in future for us to have something like this functionallity.

Don’t know if its relavent, but did you see this -