Blender Macros automation win32 download

Macros before 2.50 for the impatient ,till than you can use this builds

id like to introduce to you a new generation of tutorials and,presets,for more info

BGE anyone (makes setting up logic feel like magic)
ENJOY!!! :yes:
Recommended for newbies !!!
theres a special technique to everything.

umm, wow!
great idea, i think.
still a bit shocked really.
you should speak to some blender developers.
see what they think.

That’s pretty cool, but for the love of God, stop playing that damn music in the background.

The application crashes right at startup. I do see the on-screen keyboard for a while, but that’s it.

Do I see it correctly that coolness.exe is your original blender.exe, and you have kinda wrapped it in fijiblend.exe, which apparently loads the on-screen keyboard.

Did you have to make a lot of changes to Blender for it to work?


I question motive. Forgive me, it’s in my nature.

hello jester king ,the requirement is that you extract the fijiblender file to C:\

it definitely works on vista and xp ,overhere over 20 people use it without any problems ,and yes i made it as an external wrapper so that it will work for all blender builds instead of having to mess around with internal code for now.

i hear that there is a blender 2.50 build about to come out which will have major ui and api changes so i hold back on making changes to the internal code ,
But i will make a patch soon and put it into the blender svn as soon as the 2.50 builds come out .
Because blenders internal code keeps on changing , its more efficient just to keep things separate for now .
off course if you want i could hard code it into blender just as easily.

@Papasmurfs request i,ll put a patch in soon

Ropsta- I ,ve been hovering around the forums and mainly chatrooms for a long time so i finally decided to register
i,made this build for my family and friends because they kept bugging me on how to make things in blender and plus i needed presets and a way of remembering how to setup gamelogic,unwrapping, video editing etc,
and plus i like doing things in style
Ropsta sharing makes a world a better place .

To everyone else thank you for your support very much ,i did not expect to receive money but only thank yous .
This is the first time i ve seen people trying to forcefully give me donations ,your vary kind , so as i sign of my appreciation i will list all contributers names as developers in my projects and see if i can full fill your coding requests.

Wow over 1000 DOWNLOADS
Realizing the power of automation
I,m glad that i could help

well said.
you can talk to many blender dev’s on.
irc freenode #blendercoders
it would be worth talking to jesterKing & others there.
best wishes.

wow mang this is awesome news ,i ve been asking for this feature for a long time finally someone answered my prayers . can you make some more gamelogic automation scripts and some more tutorials it works really well but can you fix the esc keyhow come this inst in blendernation news go figure

I’ll wait for a version that doesn’t has this requirement then. I’d like to put it anywhere on my machine.

If your application works with position recording of mouse etc, then that won’t be necessary as such. The idea is that Blender’s event system would be in its entirity available for macro creation and scripting.

I’d appreciate it if you could briefly discuss how your approach works :slight_smile:

p.s. I’ll be working also on Blender 2.5, as I already have done so, too: