Blender made obj when imported the texture is all black

  1. I made a model and textured it in blender2. I exported the model as a *.obj3. I import that *.obj into another project; the model is there but it is completely black when i switch to textured.At a loss, any help appreciated.:confused:


rednblackroom_2.blend (481 KB)

So is this other application picking up the texture ?
Are the texture file locations correctly referenced in the mtl file that is saved with the obj file ?
What textures did you use, image or procedural ?

Where can we see your blend file ?
Where can we see your obj file ?

I have only used Blender here.

The locations of the textures haven’t been altered.

I’m not sure what texture (image or procedural).

I added the blend file there to the OP, the obj wouldn’t work.

You haven’t included your textures in your blend file !

Use File / External Data menu to pack all textures before saving your file.

You are using cycles materials, you need to use the blender render materials to export to .obj

That’s brilliant, Richard.

Will amend! :smiley:

Sorry, but did I understand that correctly: You export from Blender to .obj, just to re-import that model back into Blender?
You know about appending (Shift-F1), don’t you?

I make a model in Blender, then texture it in Blender, and then i export it as an .obj so i can use it in another file/scene in Blender.

I’m new to Blender and all 3d work.

What is ‘appending’?

Thanks for your help.


Append manual entry
Appending and Linking tutorial

An object/material/particle system/texture/node etc is just a block of data. You can bring in a data block from one already saved blend file into your currently open blend file with the File / Append function (shift+F1).

Cheers, Richard, that helps big time!


I just tried this and it brought in the model but no textures.

Ok, I changed over to Cycles Render and that fixed it.


As you know now, the thing you did with .obj isn’t necessary for working in Blender on it’s own. However what you did is a good practice when making models likely to be used with other software. Reloading the .obj would show those flaws you’d encounter in other programs if some step for exporting was messed up along the way.