Blender Magazine Italia translation

Hi, I’m one of the managers of Blender Magazine Italia (, the italian magazine about Blender.

I think the magazine is growing and the contents are always getting better.
One of my desires is to translate it in English, but the work to do the translation it’s not so small.

The magazine is free and I’m looking for some people (one or maybe more) that can help me (for free) with the translation.
Using Google Translate ( I can have a good draft in english of the magazine that should “just” be corrected by someone good in english.

Each iusse of Blender Magazine Italia has thousands of downloads.
An english version, surely, more and more… And the person or the people (and
their website) involved in the translation will surely have a lot of more visibility.

If someone is interested in this idea or have questions or suggestions… just let me know, replying here on with private messages.