Blender + MakeHuman part 2

I have recently acquired the make human script. Is there any documentation as to how do use it?

that script is quite old, many people do however still enjoy it.
I should really write some docs on basic usage.
Basically, you install the script, or open the .blend file.
Open the script from the Scripts/Wizards Menu
or press Alt/P to run the script in the .blend.
The first thing you will be asked to do is to locate the target base mesh.
this is found in the folder: mh180targetspack
the file to select is base.mesh.
once selected the default human will be created.
also created is a file called makehuman.ini, this file stores the base.mesh location.
so next time you can just run the script & the default human will be created automatically.
Once you have the mesh, select it & add the subsurf modifier to level2.
Play with the anatomy settings to create what you like.
Like I said, the script is old, many things do not work, but is is still fun & functional.
I have been working a little towards a better rig for the script.
it needs more testing before i update the script.
I will try to keep the script running if mainly for nostalgia purposes.
I will do some small docs when this is ready.

You are better to use the new Make Human from
It supports collada export of rigged mesh, & the topology of the mesh is somewhat better.

The time spent on fixing up this script would be far better spent on working towards better integration between Blender 2.50 & the next MH version.

sweet i gota try this