blender manual crack up prob solved

(gnomis) #1

Hi Y’all I see that some people are still having problems with the binding of the Blender 2.0 manual. If it falls apart on you just knock all the pages together and then iron the spine. If you can put it in vice with just the spine showing and iron it so much the better. I’ve lent my copy to countless students and its still holding together! Hope this helps Simon.
p.s. Put a cloth between the book and the iron if its you’re mums iron.

(luckybreak) #2

ha yes I have done the same with other books, I have burnt the spine of one book this way so the cloth is a good idea - and the secret is patience it takes longer than you think

(nikolatesla) #3

Thanks for the tip! My book is falling apart as well. I didnt know other were having the same problem. Time to fire up the Iron!