Blender Manual

What does the written manual for Blender have that the one on the internet doesn’t:confused: . I just want to know if I’m better off buying the real manual, or just reading the online one.

Can anyone give me some advice?

This is some of these things everyone should better decide himself. :wink:
If you prefer having a book to read or to make notices into or even to throw against the wall instead of beating the processor out of your computer if something goes wrong, then the printed manual is the best choice. (Do not understand this wrong - I have the 2.3 printed manual and I really love it!)
But like every printed book it cannot be updated quick and simple.

So if you prefer getting the almost latest information and documentation about Blender’s features you should consider the online manual.

Of course it’s no problem to read both of them… :wink:


But does the written one have more that the online one???

I think the online one is actually more up to date. I bought the hardcopy anyway.

I have the 2.3 guide too and most of the information that is inside the book can be found on the internet, albeit no necesserily in the same webpage. I find it convenient to be able to skim through my manual when i need something and of course you dont have to go nuts with the alttabing when you are following the tutorials from the manual. Personnally, I also like having a hard copy in my hands of the manual and its a great way to contribute to the blender foundation :wink:

With all the new changes, I use both the book and the website though

I definitely prefer to have a real copy of it. I think I’m going to purchase it if they ever make a new one for another version, for like 3.0… I don’t wanna buy one for an old version of Blender.

There is this:

The link can be found here: - the link is called “Blender 2.3 Guide (Vol I - User)”

Try this as well, Quite useful I think, its helping me.…s-2nd-edition/