Blender Map Making Tools

I need the ability to place props using rules like fallout 4,
however, when these props are placed I need to delete pieces of the props that wont be seen, and then store the pieces as a BVHTree and an indexed list of data.

this data will then be used to dynamically load and unload things.

This was meant to be for all engines, not just the blender game engine,

Thanks mods,

Use blender’s inbuilt asset linking system. Then you don’t have to program anything!

As for your fascination with BVHTree’s, what are you trying to acomplish with them here? Blender has tools for intersecting meshes. It is, after all, a modeling program.

to use simple bounds (a triangle) to mark objects, to use for a dynamic loading bubble of static items,

bigger item = larger triangle,

everything intersecting with a small radius = near

everything intersecting with a larger sphere that is not on the first list is a ‘far’ object, to be unloaded if it’s loaded / switched off etc.

the idea is to make a system for LOD, lamp hooks, and physics LOD all in 1 shot, for all static items*

so basically I need the rapidly traversable speed of the bvhtree, to grab all items in a radius,
then act on the items if they need acted on…

looping through and checking distances will not do,
using a sensor object would be a huge spike in physics*