Blender Mapping Tablet Wrong

I’m having trouble getting blender to work correctly with a Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet. When I first started using it, blender recognised the tablet just fine including pressure sensitivity (this was last night). This morning I started it back up because I wanted to continue with what I was working on last night and blender has decided to start mapping it to the top left quarter of the screen.

No other program does this and if I tab out of blender it switches back to full screen support, and since this is a bamboo it doesn’t support different profiles for different programs so it seems the problem must be in blender. This is happening under Windows 7 using both blender 2.5x (can’t remember what the last number was) and 2.61 (did a complete uninstall of previous version, including configuration files

Anyone seen this before or know what might be causing it?

edit: Didn’t find out what was causing it, but I reinstalled both blender and the tablet drivers and it seems to be working again. I did find that blender had left directories behind even after I selected the full uninstall, which might be why previous uninstalls didn’t make a difference (if there was a file in there it was loading after reinstalling)