Blender Market / cgCookie

I have an account with BM/cgCookie, having puchased products in the past. I have not needed to access the site for 12 months or so. I have tried to login in the last few days but the password isn’t recognised, although my email address is.

I have requested a password reset link, emailed them directly and used the chat window on the main page to contact them but have not received a response.

Because my email address is registered I can’t even open up a new account.

Does anyone know if the site is still in operation or has something fundamentally changed in myn absence from the site.

Any help would be appreciated. All I want to do is to purchase another product !!!

thanks in advance

Richard C

How long have you been waiting for a response?
I had a log in issue also with cgcookie 2 weeks ago, got a email within 24 hrs. Also had some other issues, also got a email within 24hrs.
CGcookie has some log in issues to work out,Dennis was very helpful.
As far as BM, I have no idea, do not do business there.

I had login in issues as well. I think they have basically merged the various sites under one login system now. You should keep trying, I have had the best luck with the chat.

XYZero and Grimm thanks.

FYI - Blender Market uses the same log in databse as CGCookie (I assume they are the same company).

I will perservere, although this is the third day of no reply.


Have you tried sending your password reset request a second (or third, or fourth) time?

Are you 100% sure the email address you registered is the same one you’re checking for a response? There are a lot of typos out there in the Internet wilderness.

blenderartists is part of cgcookie, try sending a email through here, be clear about what your problem is.
[email protected]

I think there has been some confusion with all the web sites there dealing with.