Blender Market Refund, No Responce

I bought a water droplet generator on Blender market a little over a week ago and, frankly, it’s garbage. It’s geo node based and you can’t animate the object you apply the droplets to, if you do, the droplets stay in the same place as they were first applied to the mesh. And I’m only talking simple rotation and location animations. The demo vid also gave the false impression that you could animate the object that the droplets are applied to.

I emailed support for a refund this day last week and I haven’t heard a peep since, is this normal? …should I start emailing them again? …Did I mention this damn thing cost $35?

Their FAQ about it should cover everything about what to do in your situation:

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You don’t talk to support first, you talk to the creator first. Support won’t respond unless you’ve reached out to the creator already. See the added link

Yes, I’ve contacted them as per the FAQ, the problem is that I haven’t heard a peep back a week later.

As I said:

How do I request a refund?
First, contact the product’s Creator to try to resolve any issues that you are having with the product.


Hey there. I’m chiming in from Blender Market Support. We respond to all support messages the same day, so it sounds like your message didn’t reach us. Please do try again by messaging [email protected].

If you don’t get a response soon after, you can send the message to my personal email [email protected]. Be sure to include your order information as well so I can locate it in our system and I’ll be happy to help.