Blender Marquette as basis for a Photoshop painting

Hi all.
I posted this as a WIP in the WIP forum and can’t delete as I finished it now (or got bored with it really).

Using Blender as a basis for digital painting is a very powerful tool. I used a few blendswap items, a makehuman figure and a lot of my own modeling to get this room the way I like it, keeping the texturing and modelling to a minimum. The rest is painted in Photoshop. All up about 8 hours not counting the Cycles render which was about 3.5 hours.

Final image.

My 3d setup

The cycles render.

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Wow thanks for posting the cycles render and the photoshopped version. I’ve never seen the difference before. It’s so much different and it looks like you did as much photshopping as you did “blending.” However, I don’t have photoshop so I don’t know how much work or how long it would take :P. Anyway, I think it looks really cool and the dude reminds me strongly of Shaggy.

wow!!! realy nice shoot!!!

You can use Gimp or Krita instead of Photoshop to do the painting. Both are free.

Awesome piece! I’ll give a try to that workflow, it seems like a killer combo :slight_smile:

Very nice, well done ! :slight_smile:

I so love your work.
right to the point.

nice as usual

No matter how much Blender you’ve put into this… the end result is great. Congrats!

Thanks all.
Not happy with the kid. Might actually redo him at some stage.
HERE is a YouTube clip showing more of a progression of the piece.

Updated boy. I think he works better. These two are characters for a story I have written and the boy has to be a bit younger than what I had made.

Wow that looks incerdible!!

I have a lot of painting apps but tend to default to Photoshop, other than that, Krita is really great and for 50 bucks, manga studio is useful too. I do a lot of my initial sketching and layout in sketchbook pro as well.

I use different tools for their different strengths but that said, I won Zbrush and Max but use Blender almost exclusively :wink:


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Very nice! good job!