Blender masterclass - master wanted - edited

Hi there
I’m looking to arrange a Blender masterclass to coincide with a Multimedia/Visual Arts weekend we’re having on 11th and 12th March next year. Ideally I’d like someone who uses Blender in a professional capacity to come along, strut their stuff and generally show off. We can pay a small sum to whoever comes in addition to travel, food, accomodation etc. If you have any advice on how to proceed, any names of individuals or companies, or suggestions of whatever nature I’d be happy to hear from you. Oh…I work in Coleg Harlech, North Wales, UK so I’m not sure I can stretch to travelling from continental Europe…sorry.

We have some nice Video Conferencing equipment here…supplied by WVCN (Wales Video-conf network) and an 8 Meg connection to JA-NET. So we may be able to have a live stream if that whets your appetite. :smiley: