Blender matchmoving with Voodoo test

Hello everyone, I’ve been looking into matchmoving lately, watching several Voodoo tutorials on Youtube, and only now have I decided to pick up my camera and make something. I tried several attempts before but I only made it go wrong, but this time I finally got it right. Here is the video:
Any feedback would be nice:)

(Btw: it’s supposed to be a Suzanne statue.)

I’ve got a Youtube account so you can watch it here!

I would suggest you use youtube or vimeo because allot of people (like me) are not going to download a video file just to watch it… sorry.

@natholas I’m sorry, but I’m not allowed too:( I mean, I’ve got an account on Youtube, but I’m restricted because my parents wouldn’t be happy.)

Good Test of Match moving, Just tried Voodoo again and glad to see it’s working blender 2.57b!

What is so bad with uploading stuff on you tube?
And another thing, you have an account yet you cant upload…err?
Also how would they even know anyway? (not saying you should disobey your parents)

Either way fact is fact, just like natholas said not a whole lot of people are going to download a file to watch it.

@Thomas1151 Thanks for the comment!
@DDD I’ve been trying to work out YouTube, but when I sign in It asks for verification ands says it’s sent it to my email. But where do the hotmail emails go to?

@DDD Btw, I might try Vimeo. And I’m not disobeying my parents, but you know, I think they are worried that I’m going to put where I live and all that… And I would never do that. But I won’t tell them about it.

Ok then! I created a Vimeo account and here’s the video: