Blender.Material.Get() Crashes every time

(BaDbOyHeRe) #1

when i use Blender210 i get attribute error
and when i use Blender.Material.Get() Crashes every time
my python path is set, what else can I do?

windows 2000 pro
Blender 2.23


(asdf_46) #2

The python in Blender 223 was’t that stable. You might try using an older verson or get 225 from asdf_46

(eeshlo) #3

There is no reason for it to crash, unless you try to print the result. This will also happen for other things like meshes/objects/matrices.So don’t do something like:

print Blender.Material.Get()

but depending on on what it is you are interested in:

for material in Blender.Material.Get():

Material.Get() returns a list of all materials used in the scene. To see a list of other properties, do something like this:

material = Blender.Material.Get(name)
print dir(material)

(BaDbOyHeRe) #4

I was indeed trying to print Blender.Material.Get().
thanks again to both of you

BaDbOyHeRe :stuck_out_tongue: