Blender material library, anyone interested?

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I am busy creating a Python script for Blender that aims to be a world
round shared material repository. This is how it will work: You’ll
start the script, it will connect to the material server, display all
materials based on a sub topic, or user search. The user (you) can than
browse through the list, pick any one of the materials, and apply it to any object(s) in the scene.
How do the materials get to the server? The script will also upload
any material(s) any user wishes. This way, if I create a really cool
“human skin” material, I can upload it via the script, which will go
through and do everything for me: save/pack and upload the material
and any resources (images) needed for that material to the server for other users to use. As soon as I upload my material, every other user around the world will be able to view it, download, and apply it.

In short, it is a big library of materials shared by users around the
globe, with an easy to use GUI interface (allot like photo sharing). I have the script saving and
loading materials flawlessly (almost…) at this point in time. It
also does the uploading and downloading to the server(s). But I
thought before I got to far, I should ask if anyone is actually
interested in such a script, or if I am just wasting my time? Please
leave feedback, and feature suggestions.

That sounds like an awesome idea! Some might think it’s ‘cheating’ to just use someone else’s material but I think for new blender users it will be good to see how certain materials are made and learn from it as well as using it. Also if I read right you are planning to have a website where people can just upload their materials? If you need any help with web design or coding it I may be of assistance.

that would be great, cant imaine the server resource something like this will use if people start downloading and uplaiding all those materials

No, actually, the script itself will upload the material. I was thinking about also having a website with a CGI script that would do more or less the same thing as the Blender script, this would be useful for users who didn’t have an active internet connection, and maybe just wanted to upload or download a script via some medium (usb pen drive, floppy [yuk!], etc). But if this happens, it will be an “add on” after the script is finished.

This would be emasing, i hate to make materials :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you know Mariano’s Material Library script?

What are u waiting for,where can we download the script?

just joking…awesome idea:)

How does this work?

Edit: Okay, I’ve played with this script, and I am very interested. I am going to play around with in some more, and sniff out the code. I also will contact the author and let him know what I plan to do. I see what he is doing, and this is awsome! This will simplify my script allot! Thanks for sharing! I didn’t know this existed (and I looked for scripts like this).